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 About SIG of Art Lovers

All of us have a mission in our lives…

What would be the mission of one Special Interest Group of American Mensa that decides to share and learn from each other more about the most valuable, the most spiritual and one of the most intellectual discipline - Art.

Lest find out from our blogs, conversations, meetings and events.

This is the main reason why the web site is created.
As a matter of fact, the Mensa SIG blog article posts are going to be open to the public and shared with the whole world. This web site is here to become a place where you will find new points of view not only about Art and Science today, but about your personal creation process, as well. Because the Genius High IQ members are involved in making very interesting Blog and Calendar of Events content. The Blog Post and Events Calendar are here to reflect the new art or science ideas, opinions and new projects that will get an unbelievable feedback in a public comment and soon become noticed. Looking forwards learning more from you. To start fill-out this form .
Thank you.


Leader of the Art Lovers SIG and author the web site
Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

Note: In case you don’t see your profile and you were the member of this SIG in the past, don’t worry, just send me a new application by filling out the form Become Art Lovers SIG member and select option “I am a new Member”. However, n case you want to update the old profile, add new text, new links, please fill-out the same form again, but dot forget to choose the option “I am updating my profile”